C A R G O   C H A R T E R

PAYLOAD 500-2000 KG

PAYLOAD 2000-6000 KG

PAYLOAD 7000-20 000 KG

PAYLOAD 500 – 20 000 KG

PAYLOAD 50 000-250 000 KG

PAYLOAD 20 000-48 000 KG

Let us take a load off your mind! We have experts on hand who will assist you with transporting your cargo, regardless of size and destination.


We have a dedicated team who have the capability to move your freight around the globe at short notice. 


Our cargo charter option provides solutions for:


  • Transporting perishables, fragile valuable shipments and general cargo.

  • Oversized cargo, such as machinery and equipment for oil and gas production facilities.

  • Live animal transportation and humanitarian aid charters.

  • Urgently required spare parts in A.O.G situations.


After carefully examining the characteristics of the cargo, we will offer you the most appropriate and efficient type of aircraft to suit your needs. We have an extensive line up of cargo airplanes, ranging from the modest SAAB -340 (payload of 3500kg) to the capable AN-124 (payload of up to 150 tonnes).


Our cargo charter specialists are on hand 24/7. Please contact us to get a quote.